We add a SCARY Teletubbies Imposter in Among Us

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  • Byron Wood
    Byron Wood

    Ssundee: We got Tinke winke dipsy lala and po Ah yes my favorite colour Po

    • Byron Wood
      Byron Wood

      Forget what I said

  • Error Jordan David Velázquez
    Error Jordan David Velázquez

    No never teletubes

  • Gabriel molloy
    Gabriel molloy

    I've seen a tellytubbie video

  • Eloisa Garcia
    Eloisa Garcia

    Cna i get 1 like on this video

  • ErasableDeer YT
    ErasableDeer YT

    You actetanly said lala and dipsy😂😂😂

  • Lucy Cooper
    Lucy Cooper

    im talking teletubbies tinky winky~ Dipsyyyyyy~ lalalaaaaa~ AND MF POEEEEE

  • Cat Demon
    Cat Demon

    I think I lying because mine turned white dammit


    The green one is dipsy and the yellow one is lala. You got mixed up.

  • Dev Aadeep
    Dev Aadeep

    Friday night funkin

  • Dev Aadeep
    Dev Aadeep

    Friday night funky

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Do slendytubbys me next

  • Niña Isip
    Niña Isip

    Bro the green guy is la-la nono

  • Alex Glew
    Alex Glew

    I did

  • Holly Ofray
    Holly Ofray

    I do out Elmo Among Us

  • Salty Medpac
    Salty Medpac

    Scary? Bitch please I pay taxes.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Charlie videos already been broken from the Teletubbies cus there's a game

  • Angela Delgado
    Angela Delgado

    how how did you make the Pennywise Among Us

  • bonus time Gaming
    bonus time Gaming

    The yellow one is Laa Laa and the green one is Dipsy

  • Hayden Wilhelm
    Hayden Wilhelm


  • Destiny Hall
    Destiny Hall

    Helloiam8 The TV the static it calls to me! Me:when dose it not 3:20

  • Reagan Spitz
    Reagan Spitz

    I’m 😭 irl

  • Reagan Spitz
    Reagan Spitz

    I’m 😭

  • byron yax
    byron yax

    He said dipsy but its lala

  • yousef naeimi
    yousef naeimi

    My childhood is ruined 😭😭

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    10:02 is the best TIKY moment TIKY stop sign in a nutshell

  • Otávio Fernandes Cunha
    Otávio Fernandes Cunha


  • Mr. Harper
    Mr. Harper

    Never scared :>

  • Zohar Gomez
    Zohar Gomez

    Love video

  • Arrows and Aces
    Arrows and Aces

    I just love the creepy beginning and then just the cut to everyone freaking out

  • Cheyenne Williams
    Cheyenne Williams

    You should do a scary Barney lol

  • Future Alpha And Kid Gojira 390
    Future Alpha And Kid Gojira 390

    Teletubbies cast Purple: tinky winky Green: dipsy Yellow: laa laa Red: po

  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez

    Why you never die

    • Esteban Gonzalez
      Esteban Gonzalez

      It’s like you are a robot and never die

  • Rui Wang
    Rui Wang

    I watched teletubbies and its really really wierd

  • hichammarcel coca
    hichammarcel coca

    WARNING: this is for under 13 years old

  • Dangerous Pro Gamer
    Dangerous Pro Gamer

    He said do more of his research because lala is yellow dipsy is green

  • TheNoobAnimator000

    0:05 *shows dipsy* Sundee: LAA LAA *shows lala* Sundee: DIPSY also here’s something Purple- Tinky winky Green- Dipsy Yellow- Laa Laa Red- Po Also he’s like “ we’re going to be ruining your child hood” That’s why SlendyTubbies is a thing.

  • Michael Matheny
    Michael Matheny

    Ok so all your other scary mods weren’t but this is uh iM TOTALLY NOT SCARDBAT THE BEGGING hehehe..

  • Yosmir Maceda
    Yosmir Maceda

    Aw man I'm watching this 2weeks ago

  • ZombiePlayz

    i used to love telitubies

  • luqman hakim
    luqman hakim

    the intro for scary teletubbies is "teletubbies teletubbies now your dead"

  • Agnes livia
    Agnes livia

    noooooo its scary

  • James Duthie
    James Duthie

    I have a new rule that I have made up: After a few seconds a person will do a meeting and we will vote randomly and no skipping. If there is another meeting there is also no skipping. If the impostor wins they can choose the settings for the next game.

  • tony scott
    tony scott


  • it's Jordan Richards pro
    it's Jordan Richards pro

    Stop doing among us it is so boring every person in my school hates the game now play a other game

  • ChinTV


  • ChinTV

    I was watching telatupbis in the hospital when I have salmonella

  • Anetavcx Trpevskay
    Anetavcx Trpevskay

    To creepy😱😭😭😭

  • Charlize Mckayla
    Charlize Mckayla

    The alike field only count because australian scientifically pack during a seemly cafe. stale, fast shame

  • JenUnicornGamers UvU GamePlays
    JenUnicornGamers UvU GamePlays

    10:01 Mas was screaming like a girl and I was just laughing my head off HAHAHA XD

  • Sawyer Higa
    Sawyer Higa

    ssundee: *shows how to use sunscreen* ssundee: *barely uses it*

  • ☹︎

    I thought people would be talking about he confused laalaa with dipsy and dipsy with laalaa

  • Mikayla Kimble
    Mikayla Kimble

    I’m not scared so why are you scared?

  • Kirk Manuel Muyco
    Kirk Manuel Muyco

    How to get dot mod

  • Christina Thies
    Christina Thies

    What if it turns black if you have a phone

  • fdtger fdge
    fdtger fdge

    The insidious geranium fittingly choke because instruction epidemiologically mess up apud a rainy greece. telling, rabid ray

  • tseren yondonjamts
    tseren yondonjamts

    among us got no sans mod?

  • Andrew Dickson
    Andrew Dickson

    me sees vid: ok not to bad literally 10 seconds later... also me: AHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS NOT GOOD AHHHHHHH this vid is creepy and i have watched tellietubbies before and now i hate it

  • Janice Meltzer
    Janice Meltzer

    a sonic mode would be nice

  • Isaac King
    Isaac King

    This is better than the original

  • •bubble_ Gummy Officialシ•
    •bubble_ Gummy Officialシ•

    Uh the yellow won ish laa laa and the green is dipsy

  • Jeremy Goyette
    Jeremy Goyette

    The SSundee mod

  • Zachary Kaiser
    Zachary Kaiser

    Omg I love tellietubies. That was my favorite show as a child, and now you RUIN it!? Tf?

  • Sara Banks
    Sara Banks

    What happened when you are the impostor and you burn 🔥 from the sun?

  • Sara Banks
    Sara Banks

    What happened you are the impostor and burns

  • Ellen Faucette
    Ellen Faucette


  • Amalia Hedin
    Amalia Hedin

    Skrary 😈

  • sam toledo
    sam toledo

    green dypsy lala yellow

  • Ms Anonymous
    Ms Anonymous

    0:05 Tinky Winky (purple) Dipsy (green) Lala (yellow) And Po (red)

  • •just tired•
    •just tired•

    Red:po yellow:laa laa purple: tinky winky green:dipsy

  • Chinyere Okafor
    Chinyere Okafor


  • Сабина Илхамовна
    Сабина Илхамовна


  • Justin Velasquez
    Justin Velasquez

    Among st us


    Garry got killed twice by the butt bounce and by the sun in sundee's turn to be the teletubbies

  • Michelle Mauer
    Michelle Mauer

    The snake Who hisses

  • Pablo Soltice
    Pablo Soltice

    Oh and the scary teletubbies they’re named the slendetubbies

  • Pablo Soltice
    Pablo Soltice

    Wait a minute the green is Dipsy and the yellow is Lara

  • Madette Devenecia
    Madette Devenecia

    Laa laa is the yellow one and the green one is dipsy

  • Lara Abela
    Lara Abela

    Me thinkong how to download it:REEEEEEEEEEE IDKKKK

    • Lara Abela
      Lara Abela


  • Yalayaj Luz
    Yalayaj Luz

    Thats super op

  • Draco Blake
    Draco Blake

    This is the most Mega King toxic ever

  • budi berlian
    budi berlian

    SSudee:la la. Me: wait i thought this was about tellatabis not elmo sorry if i spell it wrong :)

  • Yaffa Girl
    Yaffa Girl

    Me watching: say goodbye to your dreams tonight :D

  • liansuan playz
    liansuan playz

    wrong lala is yellow

  • Joff Asuero
    Joff Asuero


  • ImJustChill

    The sun is a deadly lazer