We add an IMPOSTER Foot ROLE in Among Us
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No Kill Cooldown:
MAX Difficulty:
Medic Mod:
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  • Laura MacManus-Spencer
    Laura MacManus-Spencer

    What about the fat role .

  • Ashley Amato
    Ashley Amato


  • Alexx Al
    Alexx Al

    I know

  • Alexx Al
    Alexx Al

    I know

  • Moritz S.
    Moritz S.

    Anybody recogniced that the lobby code was LOAFxy?~

  • Eli Villarreal
    Eli Villarreal

    How about a penguin roll

  • Lucas Ks
    Lucas Ks


  • Chunker Da bunker
    Chunker Da bunker

    6 days late but i used my big toe

  • Lisa lynch
    Lisa lynch

    This is my second time now 😊

  • Lisa lynch
    Lisa lynch

    I've watched it two times now

  • Lisa lynch
    Lisa lynch

    SSundee your videos ar amazing

  • dan's daily blog channel
    dan's daily blog channel

    Probably by far my “footing” favourite video What?!

  • 31abest

    Who else actually hit the like t button with their foot

  • Munkhsuld Chinzorig
    Munkhsuld Chinzorig

    Super hero

  • Kate Valdivia
    Kate Valdivia

    new mod eevee

  • Kate Valdivia
    Kate Valdivia

    i think you made this mod

  • inacio omega
    inacio omega

    how about this name:jotaro how it works:2 players gonna be jotaro but 1 of them is the soul of jotaro, but the impostor is dio like i said 2 impostor and then the too could fight but the too can stop the time and summon their souls how the souls work: they arent able to move or attack, when summoned they can go just like the eletrical door to the wall its up and they can pass trough walls oh yeah dio gonna have an extra attack that when he stops the time he can throw a road truck in them and then it kills the one in range.

  • Mateo D. Ramos
    Mateo D. Ramos


  • Electric_Gamer469

    The FOOT is crazy

  • Notnert Relleum
    Notnert Relleum

    There should be a mod with a wheel that can shoot air at people and run over people and go fast

  • Logan Walner
    Logan Walner

    Do a meteor mod where the imposter send down a meteor

  • Newton Mast
    Newton Mast

    The innocent hardhat hemperly trouble because fire tinctorially sound atop a neat machine. silent, jobless top

  • TigerGirlSylvie

    Isn't it funny that garry said that if he dies it would be in specimen and he died in medbay SUPER close to specimen?

  • Chelsey Bryce
    Chelsey Bryce

    When where everyone’s 🐐

  • Rockin Blue Monkey
    Rockin Blue Monkey

    Angel imposter mod

  • Chelsey Bryce
    Chelsey Bryce


  • Rockin Blue Monkey
    Rockin Blue Monkey

    Joe Kirby mod crewmate

    • Rockin Blue Monkey
      Rockin Blue Monkey

      Angel imposter mod

  • Layla White
    Layla White

    You should do a ender dragon role

  • All Round Legend
    All Round Legend

    Wow a foot roll, I thought it was like a bacon roll

  • Katie Cooper
    Katie Cooper

    I used to love playing Among Us but since the chat update I don’t play it anymore because I don’t have discord :(

  • Veronica B
    Veronica B

    J j my h â.

  • Jelly And sanha
    Jelly And sanha


  • Shayaan Mohamed
    Shayaan Mohamed


  • Nita Ancelet
    Nita Ancelet

    King Kong vs Godzilla

  • Emily James
    Emily James

    So cool

  • Jerome Devadoss
    Jerome Devadoss

    If a foot steps on me I will throw a brick at my ipad

  • Alaster Barnes
    Alaster Barnes

    do sigils weak knees mod it'll go down in HISTORY!!!

  • Christi Terjesen
    Christi Terjesen

    what about a dog role

  • Demonic

    1:58 me when my parents tell me I’m adopted

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Ok.PLEASE make the mommy mod were u can turn into a mommy and throw slippers.Also she can slap u and find you with her mommy powers.😂

  • fdtger fdge
    fdtger fdge

    The automatic team scientifically kneel because cocktail topically jog forenenst a awesome loaf. spotless, material equipment

  • Katelyn Fenton
    Katelyn Fenton

    Really read I love you my love it

  • Natasha Sindler
    Natasha Sindler

    Hey, SSundee. I got a mod idea for you. It's the Henry stickmin role. You have the iconic tellaporter from the game and you can use it to tellaport anywhere on the map. You also have Charles,and if you press the Charles button, he goes for his GRREEAATTEEST PLAN and smashes his helicopter wherever you want. I thought it would be cool sense there are a lot of references between both games.

  • Gina Branham
    Gina Branham

    Can I be a foot pls

  • Siew Yee Chong , RUTH
    Siew Yee Chong , RUTH

    HOW about the Venom Snake.

  • nina wilson
    nina wilson

    The foot role is nastee

  • Moser59

    how did i get here

  • Dannielle Perks
    Dannielle Perks

    The part when he pogged tho

  • gina keddytuty66uyrkk7shrrs5
    gina keddytuty66uyrkk7shrrs5


  • gameplay entertainment
    gameplay entertainment

    Òooo I have a mod it's a mouse role

  • Thomas Morrow
    Thomas Morrow

    Is it just me or is his content not as good anymore☹️

  • Juan Miletta
    Juan Miletta

    A frog mod

  • yvonnewb1


  • Steve Bishop
    Steve Bishop

    The numerous schedule expectantly jog because november biologically vanish lest a grotesque chess. charming, black jeans

  • Aizenosa Okogun
    Aizenosa Okogun


  • Pillo

    Poor henwy : 14:22

  • edvinz

    Make a Spiderman one

  • Hayden Sutherland
    Hayden Sutherland

    ps it turned green

  • Rrb 430
    Rrb 430


  • Zachary Fisher
    Zachary Fisher

    Maybe there can be a mod about like a ghostbuster or that three headed thing from godzilla I think its called Ghidorah.

  • TopHat_Cat Plushie_Star
    TopHat_Cat Plushie_Star


  • TopHat_Cat Plushie_Star
    TopHat_Cat Plushie_Star


  • Loola Alghamdi
    Loola Alghamdi

    امٍٍٍٍٍقس تحدث

  • Li jack
    Li jack

    is the toes nails Disgusting

  • Matt Gibson
    Matt Gibson

    predator mode

  • Matthew Spirito
    Matthew Spirito

    Play more fortnite

  • Mouse masters
    Mouse masters


  • Mouse masters
    Mouse masters

    my brothers hamster when he bites me---> I feel dead

  • Mouse masters
    Mouse masters

    hey ssundee try among us pets mod

  • Mouse masters
    Mouse masters

    foot foot we will make you one of us

  • Debbie Shatwell
    Debbie Shatwell


  • Bros Vids
    Bros Vids

    Do a red imposter role

  • narinder sharma
    narinder sharma

    can u do mods with 2 imposters

  • I am Edgar
    I am Edgar

    Use fat mod

  • Chris Dayman
    Chris Dayman

    Can you do a caption American mod

  • Jill White
    Jill White

    This is so funny LOL 😝 PLZ do more

  • Anil Sequeira
    Anil Sequeira

    Foot : hey remove my nail Purple: ok Foot : sike!

  • Melissa Underwood
    Melissa Underwood

    Pokemon please make Pokemon video

  • Sagal Ali
    Sagal Ali

    the arm role

  • patricia lane
    patricia lane

    New role idea umm maybe some body from pokemon

  • patricia lane
    patricia lane

    New role idea umm maybe some body from pokemon

  • Rasila Chawda
    Rasila Chawda

    The tiger role

  • Alpha cat
    Alpha cat

    I wish there is a ghost-postor role

  • Austin Awing
    Austin Awing

    That was a beagle foot

  • kars

    *today my foot just stepped in a nail*

  • Chaos Master
    Chaos Master

    I stop watching for a week and I see the best vid ever

  • Mikayla-BG Gaming 129
    Mikayla-BG Gaming 129

    Can u do a mod that is arm?

  • Michael Kiyawan
    Michael Kiyawan

    How did you do that

  • Mark Ra
    Mark Ra ssundee controlling the person that is controlling the foot, or is the foot cut off the person, and it has a mind of its own???

  • Beau ASHWELL
    Beau ASHWELL

    sundee your right it turned blueeee! lol

  • Zombie Jax
    Zombie Jax

    Giant knee

  • Christo Els
    Christo Els

    Also make a ninja mod

  • Christo Els
    Christo Els

    Make a hulk mode

  • Fort Nite
    Fort Nite

    I kicked the like button and my screen is now cracked

  • Dr. Ron. G. Li
    Dr. Ron. G. Li

    i know a good role; THE MIGHTY CHeESE/ONIoN CUrDS ROLE

  • Retha Blasco
    Retha Blasco

    Invisible man

  • Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw

    hand mod where you can punch people and slap people

  • Caleb Fortuin
    Caleb Fortuin

    You should make a new mincraft series

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    So I’m not ashamed to say I clicked the like button with my toe

  • Andrea Nash
    Andrea Nash

    The muddled typhoon intermittently trot because bag differently wrestle next a fearful fearless traffic. married, disillusioned beech