We add a HELLO NEIGHBOR Imposter Mod in Among Us!

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Mod maker: @Lookumz

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  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee

    I play the hello neighbor before

  • Becky Anderson
    Becky Anderson

    I think he should make a santa

    • Becky Anderson
      Becky Anderson

      I think he should make a santa mode

  • Junior Gojira
    Junior Gojira


  • James Loftin
    James Loftin

    Iove this vid and I’m on my dad‘s computer and my real name is Kenzie I sub and like this vid

  • Tessa Holleman
    Tessa Holleman

    do a miraculous mod 😄

    • Tessa Holleman
      Tessa Holleman

      (miraculous ludybug)

  • Parker P
    Parker P

    Was so hoping k8 would lose (nothing against her, just was hoping she'd throw a fit or something lol)

  • Shrek obecný
    Shrek obecný

    Yes i played hello neighbor I too keep the full game version

  • DjCrazyPsycho

    If you want pixelmon back like this comment!!!!!!! Cmon SSUNDEEEE

  • Atomic

    I wanted this for so long thank you my guy I am obsessed with this game

    • Parker Costello
      Parker Costello



    Gfgv Gg Hi Inken Jk

  • Violet Hyatt
    Violet Hyatt

    I play secret neighbor

  • Xitlali Puga
    Xitlali Puga

    do dore

  • Sathish Andi
    Sathish Andi

    I love your videos

  • Ingrid Waldhuter
    Ingrid Waldhuter

    hello neibor what you got to hide neibor:i dont want to be your neibor your a bich ass shit me: *stands acros the stert whit a mini gun *what did you just say him:your a bich ass shit me:ok im going to kill *hits him whit mini gun*thats what you bich him: dies in pease 😂😂🤣🤣 that i will do to him

  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia


  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia

    Can you make FNF mode

  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia

    In a Among US

  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia

    Do a guest mod From Roblox

  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia

    look so weird

  • Abdul Jali
    Abdul Jali

    Ssundee you should make a friday night funkin mod cause friday night funkin is so popular that you will have so so so much Viewers,subs and likers

  • Tiera Chrystine
    Tiera Chrystine

    I have the hello neighbor game

  • Master Digital
    Master Digital

    Very Good

  • Maureen Ricks
    Maureen Ricks

    I do

  • caitlin udemans
    caitlin udemans

    wow wow you are so good ssundee

  • {ItznotLola}

    I love your videos!

  • bipsernieles hammer
    bipsernieles hammer

    I always lie because the like button turns black

  • Thomas Brady
    Thomas Brady

    Question y doesn’t the crew mates have a neighbour stuner

  • يوسف المطيري
    يوسف المطيري


  • Jessica Martin
    Jessica Martin

    You could do a spy, a giant, a jester ,a sheriff and a doctor. It is super fun and cool!

  • JR

    a big question:are u a father?

  • Emily Langbein
    Emily Langbein

    Idea- Alex morgen mode

  • jim thompson
    jim thompson


  • T Irving
    T Irving

    Did you know hello neighbour was wering slippers

    • T Irving
      T Irving

      How did I not know

    • T Irving
      T Irving


    • T Irving
      T Irving

      Thanks for letting us know

    • T Irving
      T Irving


  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    can make a monster imposter where the imopster can contal monsters?

  • Shubh Maurya
    Shubh Maurya

    helloiamkate8 5 sec later helloiamneighbour

  • Edchan Blaza
    Edchan Blaza

    Play bloons td6

  • chee keong tey
    chee keong tey

    holle ssundee

  • Burhanuddin Alibhai
    Burhanuddin Alibhai

    Why is there a mod button in the right

  • Baatar Uranchimeg
    Baatar Uranchimeg

    The like button turned black that means i lied but i did not lie

  • JAMES james
    JAMES james

    I love your videos

  • SubZero

    Mod idea - dead buy daylight

    • SubZero

      The tasks are generators and the imposter is the imposter

  • The fox cave
    The fox cave

    I laughed when ever he said yaaaa and then noooooo

  • Joshua Turner
    Joshua Turner

    Gang gang

  • Maria Mayla David
    Maria Mayla David

    The millionaire mod Oki

  • Rod sullivan the ice cream man
    Rod sullivan the ice cream man

    Mod link or dislike

  • Rosalie Jones g
    Rosalie Jones g

    I'm a boy

  • Rosalie Jones g
    Rosalie Jones g

    This is my mom's old phone

  • Rosalie Jones g
    Rosalie Jones g

    ssundee you should do the Slenderman role in among us

  • ThePorgySquad

    Can’t u just kill them ;-;

  • Karlene Tomlinson
    Karlene Tomlinson


  • Jimmy Perez
    Jimmy Perez

    Bro that was hard to do bro omg

  • eleganteyebrows threading
    eleganteyebrows threading

    What if you do a hello neighbor 2 where the neighbor is the crow

  • eleganteyebrows threading
    eleganteyebrows threading

    I hit the like button i was playing hello neighbor eairler

  • Nick Platt
    Nick Platt


  • Vay Anthony
    Vay Anthony

    When I hit the like button it’s black◼️

  • Trisha Newcome
    Trisha Newcome

    Wy are you so mean

  • Luiz Amancio
    Luiz Amancio

    make sonic imposter please pick me

  • squidkid09

    If you have a key and you're in a Bush you can still see the key but you can't see the player

  • David Watkins
    David Watkins

    Only gods know who made hello neighbor popular

  • Jeremiah

    What if u did a sonic exe mod

  • Darky Darkdestroyer
    Darky Darkdestroyer

    The escapists mod

  • Steve Gamer
    Steve Gamer

    Umm excuse me i haved played hello neighbor so i liked and it was black im taking my like back (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) u lied to me

  • Jevel

    Me didn't watch anyone playing hello neighbour but watched secret neighbor

  • Lewiz

    You should do secret neighbor where one of the crewmates/kids are the neighbour secretly

  • Aiden Lauzon
    Aiden Lauzon

    Can you do hide and seek again please please 🙏

  • pingi ponge
    pingi ponge

    a little scary and a little funy but good

  • maj Bong
    maj Bong

    bruh your friends are hacking

  • Gent Gashi
    Gent Gashi

    It still says "Who is imposter"

  • teen titans go raven
    teen titans go raven

    But I play hello neighbor and my like button turns black-

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    9:00 Sigils hacks confirmed?

  • Sofia Vallelonga
    Sofia Vallelonga

    That’s a weird laugh

  • Mohammad Sajid
    Mohammad Sajid

    I like the house!

  • Tira and christian Hatcher
    Tira and christian Hatcher

    Hello neighbor vs granny with hello neighnor as the crewmate!

  • Takhmina Sharopova
    Takhmina Sharopova

    Can you pls make among us but imposter can scan mod

  • jayden belcher
    jayden belcher

    i am a vere big fan

  • Daniel Denholt
    Daniel Denholt

    Among us idea: captain America vs Winthersoldier

  • Orion Woitte
    Orion Woitte

    amoung the neighbor

  • Suprabha Hegde
    Suprabha Hegde

    How did u download that mod

  • Mhairi Greenshields
    Mhairi Greenshields

    Yea do tat

  • Myint Myat
    Myint Myat

    No it turn balck

  • Joey Polanski
    Joey Polanski

    nice mod

  • Dynamite King
    Dynamite King

    Mod idea: You should make a Curious George mod you collect bananas around them map to get cool abilities but the imposter has a twist.


    camper game!!!!!!



  • Norhazirah Sakinah
    Norhazirah Sakinah

    can you the Pop it mod pls in Among us i sub and like this vid

  • Shalisa Bremner
    Shalisa Bremner


  • FireMiki

    Pls create mod fortnite or Friday night funkin

  • Lucy Foxton
    Lucy Foxton

    When ever I press your vid I always get hyped idk why🤣🥰

  • Coke guy YT
    Coke guy YT

    An epic idea Coke imposter raining coke He can splash coke everywhere and stun everyone but him for 20 seconds Can make coke mini game And trap all cremates in the Sam room And everyone looks like coke


    This video is great !!

  • L G
    L G

    Ssundee are you almost done milking the game among Us seems pretty dry to me those others are disgusting

  • Kurt Padua
    Kurt Padua

    do ninjago mod so they can just use fire earth lightning ice dragons and katanas like fire and u can freeze them with ice shuriken

  • Page153

    I wish that was less glitchy. It would've been super fitting. (Also, what about the guest?)

  • Ooboodo

    Pull comms....

  • Johnny Cabrera
    Johnny Cabrera

    You should do a Cuphead and Mugman mod in among us

  • Jeff Isacoolkid335
    Jeff Isacoolkid335

    the alarm i thought it was my house